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Gerald 'Sam' Tang pursues the elusive Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the Cache River NWR, Arkansas.

Following a career in business, Jerry shaved his head and launched a new life's work as a professional photographer. He has since captured more than 100,000 stock photos of nature, animals, birds, insects, wildflowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, habitats, refuges, landscapes, lighthouses, outdoor sports and recreation, interesting people and attractions at travel and birding destinations in Africa, China, Costa Rica and North America.  

His work has appeared internationally in numerous magazines, books, catalogs, annual reports, exhibits and various art and paper products.

Jerry is a charter member of the North American Nature Photography Association.

Gerald 'Sam' Tang pursues the elusive Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the Cache River NWR, Arkansas.

Photo by Mei Ling Waldorf

Sandy works on prize-winning photo of African Elephants fighting  22635 Sandy Tang checks a scan of one of our 100,000 stock photo images - fighting African Elephants crashing through the brush in Kenya's Samburu Reserve. 

The elephant image she's working on won first place in the Vilas Zoo photography contest, wild animal category; click to view it in the Gallery.

This image of Sandy was published in a book on careers called "Photographer". 

The picture in the background is me dressed as a Lions Club clown painted by my son Sam.

Click the book to read a review or place an order for my souvenir photo book - Chicago Impressions.
Click the book
to read a review
or place an order for
my souvenir photo book -



To the right is our image of Wild Garlic in National Geographic Magazine - Stock Photo 18060.

MAGAZINE CREDITS include AAA Living, American Legacy Woman, Audubon Magazine, BBC Wildlife, Birds & Blooms, Bird Watcher's Digest, Chicago Wilderness, Country Extra, Country Living, Coup de Pouce, Defenders of Wildlife, Endless Vacations, Entrepreneur, Environmental Defense, Faces, Family Circle, FamilyFun, Garden Design, Garden Folklore, Gardening Life, Green Scene, Hobby Farm Home, Home & Away, Horse Illustrated, Living Planet, Lowe's Garden Club, Maine Boats and Harbors, MassAudubon Connections, Michigan Living, Mother Earth News, National Geographic, National Wildlife, Native Plants, Natural History, Nature Photographer, North Shore Magazine, Organic Gardening, Organic Style, Our Wisconsin, Outdoor Life, Pharmacy Practice, Real Simple, Recommend, Sciences et Avenir, Scientific American Explorations, Sierra Club Outings, Smokies Life, Sojourns, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Unwind, Upstate House, Voyageur, West Virginia Wildlife, Wildflower, Yoga International.

BOOK PUBLISHER CREDITS include A+ Books, Anthology Inc., Audubon / Chanticleer, Barnes & Noble, Bridgestone, Capstone, Chrysalis / Collins & Brown, Dorling Kindersley / Penguin, Duval, Farcountry Press, Firefly, Great Smoky Mountains Association, Harcourt, Harper-Collins, Holt McDougal, Houghton Mifflin, Kendall Hunt, Lerner Publishing / Interface Graphics, Marshall-Cavendish, McDougal Littell, MacMillan-McGraw-Hill, National Geographic Books, National Wildlife Federation / Sterling, Prentice Hall / Pearson Education, Publications International, Rodale, Rosen, Round Table, Scholastic, Stillwater, Sunset, West Side Publishing, World Book.

ADVERTISING / CORPORATE USERS include ABS Graphics (calendar), Academy Studios (exhibit), Ann Williams Graphic Design (magazine ad), Ardoise Design Communications (annual report), Bata Shoe Museum (banner), Behar-Fingal, Inc., (kiosk), Butler Bank (brochure), Canon / Dentsu America (website camera ad), Chicago Wilderness (progress report, traveling exhibit), Coyne Beahm (food cannister label), Defenders of Wildlife (brochure), Field Museum / Griangraf (exhibit), Formulation K. K. Japan (TV documentary, Grand Estates Advertising, HDR Architecture (signage), Hermitage Art Company (bookmark, funeral programs), H. Marion Framing/Art Consulting (prints), Hotline Products / Brown & Bigelow (calendars), Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Educational DVD), The John Henry Company (packaging), KHI Enterprises (website catalog), Kinko's (invitation), Lincoln Electric (on-line trade publications), MassAudubon (brochures, preserve signage), Medvind Reklam (food canister label), National Wild Turkey Federation (calendar), Nature Conservancy (brochures, kiosk), Pacific Studios (exhibit), Postcard Factory (souvenir book), Pronk & Associates (educational module), Recommend (travel agent supplement), REI Adventures (travel catalog), R-Garden (product label), Scientific American Explorations (science trading card), Shearson Publishing (calendar), Shedd Aquarium (exhibit), Sierra Club Outings (Big Trip Guide), Skokie Valley Reproductions (corporate web site), Studio70 (billboard renderings), Taronga Zoo (exhibit), Taylor Studios (exhibits, trail signage), Terrell Publishing (postcards, calendars), Tutor Perini Corp, USDA Forest Service (poster), Virginia Wildlife (calendar), Willow Creek Press (calendar).

Joe Farace's wrote a flattering Web Profile on us in Shutterbug Magazine Joe Farace wrote a flattering
Web Profile on us
in Shutterbug Magazine
See the article at Shutterbug
Wild Garlic image in National Geographic Magazine
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